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    Who We Are

    We created a simple, high quality kit to solve all your skin care concerns- acne, dull skin, uneven skin tone, break outs and impurities using all natural and organic ingredients at an affordable price and conveniently shipped to you.

How Our Kit Works

Choose a no hassle
monthly supply plan

We conveniently ship a
monthly supply straight to you

Follow our 4 step
guide for clear radiant skin

Enjoy beautiful,
clear and radiant skin

Get clear, radiant skin in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Remove dead skin cells,
smooth and even skin

Exfoliate with our coffee scrub a few times a week to remove dead skin cells, settles bacteria and impurities.

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Step 2

Clean deep to remove
toxins and impurities

Cleanse daily with our gentle foaming cleanser to get rid of pollutants, dirt and build up causing blemishes.

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Step 3

Balance pH and remove
any left over dirt or oil

Tone up after washing your face to purify and tighten pores and remove any excess dirt or oil.

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Step 4

Smooth, hydrated &
Prevent future break outs

Finish off your routine with moisturizer to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing.

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Kit Benefits

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Helps retain
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Gives a
radiant glow
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Fights Acne
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Keeps your
skin healthy
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No harsh
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Prevents future
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Skin Tones
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Detoxes skin

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my kit ship?

Kits are shipped the 15th of every month. They take roughly 3-5 business days to arrive within the U.S.

When will I see results?

Typically, you can expect to see results within 6-8 weeks. Often times, people will see results a lot earlier!

Do I get the same items every month?

Yes! Every month you will receive the same the same products so your skin gets the best results.

How do I cancel my plan?

Easy! Simply log in to your account and click the cancel option. You may cancel at anytime, no questions asked :)

“I am so glad I found out about you guys. I use to spend so much money on natural and organic skin care products but these are the best so far! And trust me I’ve used basically everything on the market, lol. You can’t beat the quality or price of Complexion Kit! Super affordable, good products and awesome results!”


Maria — Miami, FL

“I'm a mom of two small kids and I am always running around from play dates or sports practice. I barely have time to put two thoughts together. much less do my makeup before leaving the house with young children! Complexion Kit has given me the confidence to be makeup free and love how I look! I recommend you guys to everyone!!"


Jennifer — Brooklyn, NY

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